Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Guard price in Kenya

KShs2,500KShs4,000 (-38%)

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  • Tested 50,000 times – proven not to break.
  • Designed for Samsung – guaranteed quality
  • 0.03mm glass is basically undetectable once on the screen
  • 9H hardness for superior scratch and shock resistance
  • Can be applied to a broken screen
  • Oleophobic surface-coating provides fingerprint resistance, whilst still maintaining perfect touch sensitivity
  • Cuts blue light by 25% to protect your eyes & minimize eye strain

KShs2,500KShs4,000 (-38%)



Get one of a kind, unique protection for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with this ultra-thin, dome silk screen protector from Whitestone. Uniquely made of glass, it protects the inner display of foldable devices perfectly compared to typical TPU or EPU films. This means when you fold your device, the screen protection will not be impacted! Even more than that completely unique, patented feature, the screen protector is only 0.03mm thin, meaning once placed on your Z Fold 3, the screen protector will be completely undetectable, meaning no impact to your screens tough sensitivity.

Patented, flexible glass

Whilst there are many flexible film 375 on the market, these do not provide scratch-resistance or high touch sensitivity and can’t prevent discoloration. With this patented design from Whitestone, these things are an issue of the past. The Ultra-thin, dome silk glass provides 100% scratch-resistant with 9H hardness glass, full clarity of the display, less fingerprint mark with AF coating and high touch sensitivity. This has been tested over 50,000 times on a folding device, confirming the high-quality standard expected from Whitestone.



Can be applied to a broken screen

You may think there’s no point in applying a screen protector to an already broken Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen – but repairs to your display can be costly, and you’ll want to avoid further damage wherever possible. Due to the UV “curing” process and adhesive quality used in the installation of this protector, you can even apply Dome Silk Glass to damaged or broken glass displays – halting any break in its tracks and ensuring protection from extra cracks or blemishes.


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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Screen Guard price in Kenya

KShs2,500KShs4,000 (-38%)

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